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In these trying times, many people are looking for ways to fight racism in America.


My name is Ali Peltz and I’ve always loved books. Recently, I read "75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice." The article states, "kids of every race need to know American history and be exposed to people from different races, religions, and countries." This inspired me to pledge money toward buying books with people-of-color as the protagonists/heroes in order to give them to the educators in my life. 

Educators are excited for the opportunity to make their classroom libraries more diverse AND many people are interested in pledging money.

I started this GoFundMe to collect money, which will be used to provide books to teachers in order to diversify their libraries. All of the money collected will go toward purchasing books and shipping them to teachers. I will begin to send books out by mid-June, and will continue do so as long as money is available and teachers are interested.


Through this site, you can help bring a diverse set of books to classroom libraries across the country. You will also see a tab titled "For Teachers." This page explains how teachers can reach out and request books for their classrooms. If you feel connected to this mission, consider donating. Even more importantly, share this website with the teachers in your life. Together, we can diversify classroom libraries and expose children to more diverse stories. 

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